Jared Leto is a bearded mountain man with a god damn Oscar in it. I make gifs of Thirty Seconds To Mars.
west of hell;
who started this shit about jared's and emma's relationships? they're not a couple, they're just working together and are really good and close friends. is it so hard to understand for some people? i mean, jfc... it made me laugh when i heard it for the first time lol. what is your opinion?

I don’t know haha. It’s so weird. Who knows though, maybe they did have an affair or something but I really doubt it. Emma seems very professional and just knowing that she has worked with him for more than 5 years really puts her off the “affair” list. So yeah, it’s weird that people think/thought that something was going on between them because they both always seem very serious around each other.

what do you mean he doesnt do public relationships anymore?

Exactly what it means. He doesn’t talk about his relationships. He never does (especially after Cameron Diaz) and he won’t. So all of his relationships or affairs with women are only for him to know.

Tbh if Jared doesn’t grow out a beard soon, I’m going to spam him to cut his long hair off. I mean it’s a beard + long hair or NUUUUTHIN’


Man, I sometimes seriously forget that Jared makes incredibly good music. I mean, I’ve been avoiding their music only because when I start listening to it, I can’t stop. So basically I haven’t heard any songs of 30 STM for months. And now I’m listening to all of the albums again and it’s sooooOOOOOooooooo good. So fucking good. GUISE DON’T FORGET JARED MAKES MUSIC. APPRECIATE IT. SO MANY FEELS

This is a portrait of a tortured you and I.

Jared Leto being Jared Leto at the MTV Movie Awards.


Jared looks like a drunk hipster-ish Jesus with those pants. What is going on.